Monday, February 2, 2009

Abby Quote of the Week

So Abby was watching a movie with me during the ice storm...the couple on the screen was, ummmmm well "kissing".

Abby asked, "Why do people Chinese kiss?"

I said, "You mean, French kiss."

She followed up with, "What? French Toast?"

You gotta love 8 year olds!


Joanna said...

That's adorable! I had to have a certain talk with Lexi that I discussed with you the other night. It went pretty good-I think. :)

Mary Jo said...

Hey! Just saw on FB that you have a blog! Love it! you are on my blog list now, hope you don't mind. So funny that you wrote about finding people you haven't seen for so many years and I found another for you at my church clear out here! crazy!!!