Thursday, October 2, 2008

3rd and Final Surgery for the McCain's

So we have completed our list of surgeries in the McCain House. Sammy is free to return home since he thought he might catch the surgery bug. ha Just kidding. He's done a wonderful job helping take care of everyone.

Lee is doing well. The only pain he's having is the hernia repair. I was told that might be the case and low and behold...He's brother David, his wife Janice and their youngest son Ben came over from TX to be with us. They were also here for my surgery.

I was thinking what a blessing my family is. Not everyone has a mother who will move to AR for a month to help take care of the 3 year old and new born baby like mine did when Abby was born. Not everyone has a Daddy who will give them a car in a time of need. Not everyone has a sister who will purchase your children's clothes for you twice a year at a consignment you love in another state. Or encourage your children to pursue their talents when your children don't realize what a talent they have. Or a brother who travels out of his way twice in a month to check on his brother's family. I could go on and on with the blessings our families have given us over the years but I guess the biggest is everyone one of them has an unquenchable desire to serve the Lord. I am truly blessed to have been given the family I have. I hope you were too...if not, I sometimes share mine with others. :-)